Govan gravings docks looking east along the Clyde towards the SECC and Science Centre tower.

Hello everyone, bit of a gap between now and my last post, so apologies are due! I’ve been very busy, not just with the festive period but also with a new job and a new flat – top tip: don’t move house over Christmas and New Year, it’s very difficult and you will literally burst with stress.

One of my New Year’s resolutions (do people still do these, aye?) is to post more photographs on my blogs. However, this has been hampered a bit by the fact that I have no Internet in the new flat yet, and it otherwise seems to be a communications blackspot, with no mobile signal whatsoever.

Part of the old Fairfield Yard (the abandoned part, as far as I can tell)

Anyway, despite the lack of Internet I’ve ended up starting a mini photo project recently, and completely by accident, too. As mentioned, I recently moved to Govan, an area of Glasgow famous for its shipbuilding past. There are still a few yards left in Govan, most notably Fairfield Heritage, and BAE Systems, where recent orders for the Royal Navy are still being fulfilled and ships are therefore very much still being built (incidentally, BAE Systems and Fairfield Heritage shipyards are my neighbours and, I suspect, the main reason I can’t get any mobile phone signal in my flat). However, the amount of shipbuilding happening in Govan these days is a shadow of the former industry in the area.
I’ve been taking lots of photos, as I do, and have found myself using the hashtag #WeBuiltShips on a lot of my Instagram posts. From this a definite theme has emerged (or, is emerging at least) around the transformation of Govan from shipyards to what it is now – an area which is still changing and evolving out of the industrial era into the new age, so to speak. As always, the changing urban environment is really interesting to me, and so I’ve found myself documenting various aspects of the Govan architecture and urban landscape. And what a rich history Govan has!

The entrance to Fairfield Yard – one of my new neighbours!

These are a few of the shots I’ve gotten recently with my Sony Xperia phone – I’m finding more and more these days that there’s less and less difference between my phone and my DSLR, for daylight shooting anyway. Im currently considering a new camera, but I’d love to know people’s opinions on me posting camera phone Vs DSLR pics. Is there a noticeable difference, do you consider camera phone pics to be cheating or lazy, do you even care?!
Hopefully the #WeBuiltShips theme is something I can keep going with, and maybe even turn into a proper project. Stay tuned for updates, and as always, thanks for visiting 🙂

Pubs and alleyways


I’ve been meaning to post this for ages… I’m trying to get more pictures with people in them, as apparently never having any people in your pictures (deliberately) makes you seem like a bit of a sociopath (no offence to sociopaths), This is – and I’m sure many people will recognise it – the lane off Buchanan Street that leads to Sloan’s Bar – the oldest bar in Glasgow, believe it or not  (also, one of my favourites on the rare occasion that I have a bevvy). Black and white, because most of the alley was either black or white anyway!

Thanks for reading.

Someone’s childhood?


Spotted this while walking through an old neighbourhood I used to live in, Govanhill if any of you know Glasgow. It struck me that pushed into that corner the old arcade game and the sweetie machine (gumball machine if you’re North American?) are like a little frozen moment in time, which is basically what photographs are: little frozen moments in time.

“All photographs are memento mori. To take a photograph is to participate in another person’s (or thing’s) mortality, vulnerability, mutability. Precisely by slicing out this moment and freezing it, all photographs testify to time’s relentless melt.”

Susan Sontag

Glasgow skyline


As part of Glasgow Doors Open Day many buildings in the city let the public access areas which are usually off limits. I booked my friend and I on a tour of the City of Glasgow College building (formerly Glasgow College of Building and Printing) which basically just comprised half an hour on the roof.


But this was the view so we weren’t complaining! Looking south across George Square with City Chambers on the left.


One of the other college buildings with the background dominated by the Townhead tenements.


And finally looking north with Queen Street station, Buchanan Galleries, the tallest cinema in Europe (Cineworld on Renfrew Street) and the tenements at Cowcaddens.

Disclaimer: these are phone pics so not the best quality – but still a brilliant view!

Quiet as a Mouse


This is my favourite from a recent band shoot in Glasgow city centre. The weather was predictably rubbish so lighting and general conditions weren’t great, but I liked the light in this one and couldn’t help but go for the mono conversion.

The band are Quiet as a Mouse and you can check them out on Facebook, Soundcloud and all the usual places. If you’re a fan of bands like Interpol or Editors then these guys will be right up your street.


The basement

Nursing Home Basement W

This is another picture from the abandoned nursing home, and it’s definite the creepiest of the lot. There was a tunnel extending behind me that was much much darker, but unfortunately I didn’t have my tripod on me for this occasion, so that’ll have to wait until another time.


After you…

Nursing Home Stairs W

One of my friend and colleagues recently discovered an abandoned nursing home close to our place of work, so we managed to take an afternoon to explore it for a while. There was some truly beautiful architecture, including stain glass windows in many parts of the building and several sets of staircases with ornate bannisters. The building was huge, so I think it’ll need a second exploration at some point…