The basement

Nursing Home Basement W

This is another picture from the abandoned nursing home, and it’s definite the creepiest of the lot. There was a tunnel extending behind me that was much much darker, but unfortunately I didn’t have my tripod on me for this occasion, so that’ll have to wait until another time.


After you…

Nursing Home Stairs W

One of my friend and colleagues recently discovered an abandoned nursing home close to our place of work, so we managed to take an afternoon to explore it for a while. There was some truly beautiful architecture, including stain glass windows in many parts of the building and several sets of staircases with ornate bannisters. The building was huge, so I think it’ll need a second exploration at some point…


Coates Memorial Church, Paisley


A quick snap of Coates Memorial Church in Paisley, just across from the university campus where I study and work. I love this building, and with the autumn colours on the trees surrounding it I think it looks even better.

Taken on my Samsung Galaxy S4 and edited in Snapseed.

When everyone’s gone home…


One of the main corridors at the University of the West of Scotland in Paisley.

Come this time of day the university is pretty quiet as most of the staff and all but a few dedicated students have went home, with just a few stragglers like myself hanging about, and of those most are hiding in their offices stuck to a computer screen.

Pretty creepy, eh?