Slow Worm 

This is a Slow Worm – which is neither a snake or a worm… 

It’s actually a type of legless lizard common to the British Isles. A friend and I found this little fella – it is apparently a male by its markings – on the way back down Ben Lomond a couple of Sundays ago. We originally thought we’d found an Adder, but some Googling put us right. 

He’s a wee cracker, and was quite happy to pose for some pictures before slithering away under a rock (not that slowly, either).

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Double Exposure (pt1)

Rhodedendron / Lilley Pond, Rosshall Park, Glasgow.

The Snapseed app, which is a fantastic photo editing app for smart phones, has a new double exposure feature that I thought I’d have a play about with – and was very impressed with the results!

I combined two photos I took in Rosshall Park, Glasgow (a beautiful Park – if you live in Glasgow but haven’t been I reccomended checking it out). The background is of the lilley pond in the park, and I overlayed an image of a rhododendron taken on the same day. I think it looks pretty cool! What do you think?

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K 🙂

Cathkin Brae

Cathkin Brae Sunset W

Breaking the ‘rules’ a little bit here, but I quite like this pic anyway! This is late evening at Cathkin Brae on the south eastern edge of Glasgow, with the Big Wood (best name for a wood ever) in the middle ground and the sun setting behind it, spreading its light all over the grass fields that flow all the way down to East Kilbride. Lovely.

Clovers by the waterfall

Leaves W


Another natuer shot from Cadross, Dunbartonshire. Me and my friend were wandering around the grounds of the abandoned St Peter’s Seminary when we cam across a beautiful little waterfall and these clovers. None with four leaves unfortunately, so no extra luck this time!


Blue Flower W

Now that the Spring has begun I can finally get out there and get some nice nature shots, so here’s the first! Some Bluebells near the ruin of St Peter’s Seminary in Cardross, Dunbartonshire. Isn’t it nice to be able to get out in the sunshine again?

Checkin’ out the owls


We took my nephew to the Robert Burns Museum in Ayr over the Easter weekend, since they had some Easter activities on for the kids, including a visit from the local owl centre. There were a few owls but this guy was the biggest poser. They’re beautiful birds, it was great to see them up close, and I’m very happy I managed to get this picture with my phone’s camera.

River Nevis

River Nevis b&w

The River Nevis in Glen Nevis Near Fort William in the West Highlands. You can just see the Nevis range in in the background with the river leading up to it.

Last Leaf

Oak leaf on the sundial of St Conan's Kirk, Argyll

Another pic from St Conan’s Kirk in Argyll, this time of an oak leaf resting on the sun dial which faces onto Loch Awe. At least I think it’s an oak leaf, not great with my tree types.

Loch Leven, Glencoe

Loch Leven from an old slate pier

Glencoe from the edge of Loch Leven

Another couple of pics from Glencoe, this time looking north across Loch Leven from an old slate pier I found while out wandering. I think the tide was out as I was there the night before and there definitely seemed to be more water… Pretty beautiful nonetheless. These shots were taken not long after sunrise, the light was stunning.

Loch Leven Pier Small

The view across to the north side of Loch Leven, Glencoe