Mitchell Library Glasgow



This is the Mitchell Library, a literal literary Glasgow institution, and basically my ‘office’ for when I can’t be bothered heading over to the university in Paisley for work. I love the Mitchell.



I took these photos with my new (second-hand) phone, the Samsung S4 Zoom. I previously had the S4 then sadly managed to break it and had resorted to a borrowed iPhone for a while. The camera on the S4 is quite impressive, but with 10x zoom, 16 megapixels and even a little hole.o screw in a mini tripod I am really impressed with the S4 Zoom. Combined with Snapseed, I’m getting some great pics.

Shipwreck in Bowling Harbour

Boat high tide bw W

This shot is from Bowling Harbour on the river Clyde, just outside Dumbarton. There are several old wrecks, wooden and metal, abandoned in the harbour. I’m not sure what the story behind all of these old ships is, but they make for interesting and eerie photographs. The Erskine Bridge dominates the skyline in the background, making a nice contrast between old and new.

Last Leaf

Oak leaf on the sundial of St Conan's Kirk, Argyll

Another pic from St Conan’s Kirk in Argyll, this time of an oak leaf resting on the sun dial which faces onto Loch Awe. At least I think it’s an oak leaf, not great with my tree types.

Queens Park Glasshouses, Glasgow Southside

Queens Park Glasshouse Exterior

I must admit I didn’t even know Queens Park had glasshouses until I moved close by, but here they are. They are much smaller than the glasshouses in Glasgow’s Botanical Gardens, but they are quite impressive nonetheless. We take these buildings for granted, but at the time these iron and glass structures were the absolute cutting edge of architectural design.

There is a great wee cafe and even a free soft play area for kids, should those parents among you need a break to enjoy a coffee in the beautiful surroundings. There are also some nice wee benches outside, maybe not best for this time of year given the weather, but nice in the summer I’m sure. Definitely worth a visit anyway.

Queens Park Glasshouse

Edinburgh Airport


I managed to get a few snaps while we were up collecting my sister in law from Edinburgh airport.

Airports always make for great photographs. Lots of long corridors,  bright lighting and converging lines, enough to keep me entertained while we waited anyway.