Loch Ard and Ben Lomond

Snow Boat Colour KHP


After deciding it probably wasn’t a good idea to climb another mountain because of the snow, we took a trip up to Loch Ard in The Trossachs. In the distance is Ben Lomond, which I’m hoping to climb soon, although I think I’ll need to get myself some crampons, an ice axe and some training on how to use them.

Cathkin Brae

Cathkin Brae Sunset W

Breaking the ‘rules’ a little bit here, but I quite like this pic anyway! This is late evening at Cathkin Brae on the south eastern edge of Glasgow, with the Big Wood (best name for a wood ever) in the middle ground and the sun setting behind it, spreading its light all over the grass fields that flow all the way down to East Kilbride. Lovely.

Thurso Beach

Thurso Rocks W

Amazingly these pictures were taken around 11 o’ clock at night, quite a while after the sun had set on that particular night. Thurso is one of the most northern towns in mainland Scotland, and sits next to Scrabster Harbour which serves the Scrabster to Stromness ferry. The Cliffs at Scrabster are visible on the left hand side of the picture. Although the Orkney Islands are straight ahead, they aren’t visible except for an almost imperceptible line along the horizon.

Glen Nevis and the Devil’s Ridge

Devils Ridge 7MB

These are a couple of pictures from Glen Nevis near Fort William in the West Scottish Highlands, taken from the path up to Ben Nevis about a month ago when there was still a lot of snow in the Highlands. One of these mountains (the one on the left, I think) is the Devil’s Ridge. The mountains looked amazing with their snowcapped peaks, the picture doesn’t do it justice unfortunately. We made it about a third of the way to the summit of Ben Nevis, but being novices and not having enough proper equipment we only made it a little past the snow line before it became apparent that going any further was probably not the best idea.

So, that’s sorted my mission for the summer; climb Ben Nevis!

Loch Leven

Loch Leven Boat

This picture is from a couple of months back when  visited Glencoe in the West Scottish Highlands, I actually thought I had posted it already but apparently not! This was taken shortly after sun rise, one of the only clear mornings we had while we were there.

Loch Leven, Glencoe

Loch Leven from an old slate pier

Glencoe from the edge of Loch Leven

Another couple of pics from Glencoe, this time looking north across Loch Leven from an old slate pier I found while out wandering. I think the tide was out as I was there the night before and there definitely seemed to be more water… Pretty beautiful nonetheless. These shots were taken not long after sunrise, the light was stunning.

Loch Leven Pier Small

The view across to the north side of Loch Leven, Glencoe

Glencoe Village

Glencoe Village from Loch Leven


Glencoe Village from the edge of Loch Leven in the Scottish Highlands

Last weekend me and my other half took a much needed trip out to the highlands for a break. We were originally meant to be going to London, but the plans got abandoned and so we ended up in Glencoe village, which is pretty much the exact opposite of London!

Glencoe Village sits on the edge of Loch Leven, and has some of the most beautiful scenery in Scotland, even with the rubbish weather this time of year. It was my first visit, but I’ll definitely be back. For anyone thinking of going up I would recommend the Glencoe Hotel, it’s nothing fancy but the food is great and the staff were all really nice. There are a couple of negative reviews on Tripadviser, but we got the room for a cheap deal on 5pm.com and couldn’t have been happier. I think people who go to the highlands and moan about the size of their room or the view from their window are missing the point. Go outside and explore, stop sitting in the hotel!

(Just Past) Tyndrum in the Scottish Highlands


I’m away with the lady to Glencoe for the weekend, here’s a quick phone snap from the layby just after Tyndrum on the road North. I’m lucky to live in such a beautiful country.

Hopefully have some DSLR pics uploaded soon.

I have some pics of Belfast to upload as well. I take to many pictures and don’t post nearly enough of them…

Arran and Goatfell

Some pictures from a recent trip to the Isle of Arran off the West Coast of Scotland. We spent a couple of days on the Island, near my home town of Prestwick. Despite it being so close to where I grew up this was the first time I had properly climbed Goatfell, the highest peak on the Island. Admittedly, we got a little lost (twice) but eventually made it to the summit of North Goatfell. We were a bit late to climb the extra 100 metres to Goatfell proper, but as it turned out the delays meant we were at the summit only an hour or two before sunset, so were treated to a beautiful view.

This picture was taken from roughly 2,500 ft above sea level, looking North West. The ridge in the foreground is The Saddle. In the distance is Argyle, and on the right you can just see the Isle of Bute. I’m not great at reading maps, but as far as I can tell the mountain ridge in the very far distance about a third in from the right is the start of the mountain range at Glencoe.

The Saddle

Another shot of the top of The Saddle ridge with the sunset, looking slightly more west than the previous picture. We were very lucky to get this view I think, and we couldn’t hang about for long as we didn’t fancy doing the two hour trek down the mountain in the dark (probably more given that we’re amateurs at this).

Mountain tops sunset

And finally, the ascent to Goatfell from the path that leads up to the summit from the village of Corrie. On the left is Goatfell itself, and on the right is North Goatfell with the path leading up to it, where the previous two pictures were taken.