Shipwreck in Bowling Harbour

Boat high tide bw W

This shot is from Bowling Harbour on the river Clyde, just outside Dumbarton. There are several old wrecks, wooden and metal, abandoned in the harbour. I’m not sure what the story behind all of these old ships is, but they make for interesting and eerie photographs. The Erskine Bridge dominates the skyline in the background, making a nice contrast between old and new.



Took a trip along to Dunure Castle in South Ayrshire last night for a bite to eat and a wander along the beach last night. I used to come down here a lot as a kid with my parents, first time I’ve been here in a while. The Dunure Inn still does tasty food, and the scenery is still as beautiful as I remember.


It’s hard to believe it but the harbour is still used by very small fishing boats, as it has been for hundreds of years. In the summer everyone lines up along the harbour to jump from the tower into the water, or they did when I was wee anyway. Good memories, it was nice to come back and visit the place after so many years.