Riverside Museum & Tall Ship After Sunset

Hello lovely people! The dark nights are well and truly here, as is winter going by the temperature last night.

This is the Riverside Museum (aka the new Transport Museum) and the ‘Tall Ship’ – the permanent view across the Clyde from Govan town centre, luckily for us Govanites.

Chilly hands while I was down the Clyde taking this, not long after sunset (it was about 5pm when I took this, despite looking like midnight). I’m proper chuffed, because I didn’t have my tripod with me and managed to improvise using the corner of a railing to get this shot nice and sharp.

I’d been wanting to get down and take a picture of the museum at night for a while, that green light kinda draws you in…

As always, thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy the pics 🙂

Clydeside Sunset 

Oh how I do love the Clyde on a sunny evening in May. Really enjoying the new River walkway the council have built – you can now stroll along the river all the way from the gravings docks to the BAE Shipyard, and it’s lovely 🙂 

Thanks for reading! 

Shipwreck in Bowling Harbour

Boat high tide bw W

This shot is from Bowling Harbour on the river Clyde, just outside Dumbarton. There are several old wrecks, wooden and metal, abandoned in the harbour. I’m not sure what the story behind all of these old ships is, but they make for interesting and eerie photographs. The Erskine Bridge dominates the skyline in the background, making a nice contrast between old and new.

Gorbals High Rise

Gorbals High Rise

Another pic from my wandering down by the Clyde the other night. This time in colour, I couldn’t resist with that beautiful purple sky. The weather might be grey 90% of the time during this part of the year, but when the colours do come out it’s worth it.

Weekly Photo Dump 17/09/2013

So here’s the second of my weekly photo dump posts where I’ll be posting all the pics I’ve been taking and editing on my phone during my wanders about the place.

A lot of this week’s pics are panoramic shots. I’ve been playing around with it a lot and trying out some interesting stuff. I’m still pretty amazed by the photo capability of the Samsung S4. If Samsung would like to pay me for that little review that would be fantastic…



Panoramic shot from underneath the Kingston Bridge on the River Clyde, with the Clyde Arc (Squinty Bridge) on the far left and the Squiggly Bridge (nonidea what it’s actually called) on the far right.



Sunset on Sunday evening from Kirkcaldy Shore. The little lumps of rock on the far right of the horizon are Inchkeith Island and Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh (furthest right).



A panoramic shot from Cessnock underground station. I get some funny looks in that place.



One of the newer buildings on Broomielaw in the IFSD along the river Clyde, contrasted next to the older (former) Clyde Port Headquarters.



A little bit of (slightly blurry) brutalist architecture in Kirkcaldy.



The abandoned Haghill Primary School in the East End of Glasgow.



The beautiful interior of Hillhead Kelvinside Church in Glasgow’s West End. Incidentally I’ll be showcasing some of my pictures in the church this weekend as part of Glasgow Doors Open day, so head along if you’re in that part of town for an opportunity tonsee parts of the amazing building that you usually wouldn’t, and also check out my pics while you’re at it 😉

If you’re interested the address is Kelvinside Hillhead Parish Church, Saltoun Street, West End, Glasgow G12 9AU



Another panoramic shot from along the Clyde, this time with some of the stunning newer buildings along Broomielaw and of course the Squiggly Bridge.



And a final shot from the M8 on the Kingston Bridge looking West towards the Clyde Arc, seeing as I started with a shot from under the bridge.

And there you go, another successful weekly photo dump.  Hope you enjoyed!

Abandoned Gravings, Govan.

Shipyard Lock not HDR small


I originally thought these Gravings on Govan Road, a short distance away from old Govan Town Hall, were abandoned shipyards, but thanks to the advice of some wonderful people on Twitter (local knowledge and memories can often produce more results than searching in Google when it comes to abandoned places I’ve found) I now know that these were in fact used for repairing ships on the Clyde.

The docks were built around 1886/7 and operated until 1987/88, and have been abandoned since. It’s a pretty huge site and it’s taken me three visits to see most of it, and there are still parts I haven’t explored. Most of the buildings are heavily in disrepair and the place is littered with debris. I still like it for a walk, and actually if I’m down the Clyde in Govan I know a way in that actually lets me use the place as a short cut to my house, which is handy. One of the best things about it is the unique view east along the Clyde you can get from the site, which offers a different perspective on the SECC, Finnieston Crane, Clyde Arc and Science Centre. Another post with those pics coming soon.


Staircase small

Apparently there was talk of turning the dccks into a museum or an exhibition, but the plan never materialised. Now there are plans to turn them into modern development, much like most of the property along the Clyde. While it’s ultimately good that the space will be used rather than lying derelict, it’s a shame that part of Glasgow’s history will be lost in the process. That’s change I suppose.


Govan Graving Docks Bridge

Shipyard Lock small

Shipyard Building small