St Magnus Cathedral

Kirkwall Cathedral II W

Kirkwall Cathedral A couple of pics from a recent trip to Orkney. This is St Magnus Cathedral in Kirkwall. It was very busy with tourists (myself included), many of whom had came from a massive cruise ship dock outside Kirkwall Harbour. It was difficult to get shots without any people in them, especially since I had to use a tripod. I think these ones turned out not bad, though. The first is probably a bit over-the-top in terms of HDR processing, but I couldn’t resist with the amazing textures in the stonework.

“St. Magnus Cathedral, Kirkwall dominates the skyline of Kirkwall, the main town of Orkney, a group of islands off the north coast of

mainland Scotland. It is the most northerly cathedral in the British Isles, a fine example of Romanesque architecture built for the bishops of Orkney when the islands were ruled by the Norse Earls of Orkney. It is owned not by the church, but by the burgh of Kirkwall as a result of an act of King James III of Scotland following Orkney’s annexation by the Scottish Crown in 1468. It has its own dungeon.

Its construction commenced in 1137 and it was added to over the next three hundred years. The first Bishop was William the Old, and the diocese was under the authority of the Archbishop of Nidaros in Norway. It was for Bishop William that the nearby Bishop’s Palace was built.

Before the Reformation, the Cathedral was presided over by the Bishop of Orkney, whose seat was in Kirkwall. Today it is a parish church of the Church of Scotland.”

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Kirkwall Cathedral III W

St Conan’s Kirk

Robert Bruce Shrine

This is the last lot of pictures from our wander around St Conan’s Kirk in Argyll. The first picture above is a memorial to Robert Bruce, once king of Scotland. The shrine contains a small part of bone from Bruce himself, which I was quite surprised by given that the kirk is relatively unknown and hidden in the countryside. I would of thought Historic Scotland would be involved with the building if it had such important pieces of history on display in it.

St Conan's Kirk small

DSC_1123 small

The second picture shows the kirk itself from the main approach of the main road, and you can see how interesting and fantasy-like the building is. Also above is one of the doorways on the back on the building facing out onto Loch Awe, and again you can see how unique and interesting the design is.

St Conan's Windows small

Finally a shot of the windows with are adjacent to the alter which curve round with the shape of the building and cast light and shadow across the stone floor and walls.

The Alter at St Conan’s Kirk

St Conan's Kirk, Loch awe, ScotlandSt Conan’s Kirk, Loch Awe, Argyll.

A couple of weeks ago when me and my better half were driving back from Oban we came across St Conan’s Kirk, one f the most beautiful but also bizarre churches I’ve ever been to. At first we thought it was abandoned, but soon realised there were a few candles flickering in the doorway and this stunning chapel inside. The kirk sits on the edge of Loch Awe, just off the A85, and thanks to the eccentric building style of it’s designer (he wanted to incorporate all the best elements of Christian buildings across the world), looks like something from a fairytale that has been there a lot longer than the 100 or so years since it was built. Think medieval alchemists castle-come-lair. Approaching it instantly felt like the beginning of a horror movie; zombies wouldn’t have been out of place. The whole building has an eerie atmosphere, and despite the stunning variety of architecture (which suprisingly works well together, I think) it is in slight disrepair, with leaky roofs, cracked wooden doors letting in a breeze and the sheer freezing temperature of the place (it was actually colder inside than it was outside in the rain) adding even more to the weird, fairytale-esque, feel of the whole building. It’s worth a visit, if you’e into that sort of thing.

Coates Memorial Church, Paisley


A quick snap of Coates Memorial Church in Paisley, just across from the university campus where I study and work. I love this building, and with the autumn colours on the trees surrounding it I think it looks even better.

Taken on my Samsung Galaxy S4 and edited in Snapseed.

Weekly Photo Dump 17/09/2013

So here’s the second of my weekly photo dump posts where I’ll be posting all the pics I’ve been taking and editing on my phone during my wanders about the place.

A lot of this week’s pics are panoramic shots. I’ve been playing around with it a lot and trying out some interesting stuff. I’m still pretty amazed by the photo capability of the Samsung S4. If Samsung would like to pay me for that little review that would be fantastic…



Panoramic shot from underneath the Kingston Bridge on the River Clyde, with the Clyde Arc (Squinty Bridge) on the far left and the Squiggly Bridge (nonidea what it’s actually called) on the far right.



Sunset on Sunday evening from Kirkcaldy Shore. The little lumps of rock on the far right of the horizon are Inchkeith Island and Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh (furthest right).



A panoramic shot from Cessnock underground station. I get some funny looks in that place.



One of the newer buildings on Broomielaw in the IFSD along the river Clyde, contrasted next to the older (former) Clyde Port Headquarters.



A little bit of (slightly blurry) brutalist architecture in Kirkcaldy.



The abandoned Haghill Primary School in the East End of Glasgow.



The beautiful interior of Hillhead Kelvinside Church in Glasgow’s West End. Incidentally I’ll be showcasing some of my pictures in the church this weekend as part of Glasgow Doors Open day, so head along if you’re in that part of town for an opportunity tonsee parts of the amazing building that you usually wouldn’t, and also check out my pics while you’re at it 😉

If you’re interested the address is Kelvinside Hillhead Parish Church, Saltoun Street, West End, Glasgow G12 9AU



Another panoramic shot from along the Clyde, this time with some of the stunning newer buildings along Broomielaw and of course the Squiggly Bridge.



And a final shot from the M8 on the Kingston Bridge looking West towards the Clyde Arc, seeing as I started with a shot from under the bridge.

And there you go, another successful weekly photo dump.  Hope you enjoyed!