Reflections of decay

Reflection W


A nice shot of reflections in St Peter’s Seminary, Cardross, Dunbartonshire. This is the second time I’ve explored this old building. Both times there have been other people there exploring as well, I think despite being abandoned it is one of the main attractions (for people like me, anyway) in Cardross. It truly is a stunning building. There’s talk of restoring it to the way it once was, maybe it might see use again. Until then it’s one of the my favourite abandoned places in the area.

Clovers by the waterfall

Leaves W


Another natuer shot from Cadross, Dunbartonshire. Me and my friend were wandering around the grounds of the abandoned St Peter’s Seminary when we cam across a beautiful little waterfall and these clovers. None with four leaves unfortunately, so no extra luck this time!


Blue Flower W

Now that the Spring has begun I can finally get out there and get some nice nature shots, so here’s the first! Some Bluebells near the ruin of St Peter’s Seminary in Cardross, Dunbartonshire. Isn’t it nice to be able to get out in the sunshine again?