Took a trip along to Dunure Castle in South Ayrshire last night for a bite to eat and a wander along the beach last night. I used to come down here a lot as a kid with my parents, first time I’ve been here in a while. The Dunure Inn still does tasty food, and the scenery is still as beautiful as I remember.


It’s hard to believe it but the harbour is still used by very small fishing boats, as it has been for hundreds of years. In the summer everyone lines up along the harbour to jump from the tower into the water, or they did when I was wee anyway. Good memories, it was nice to come back and visit the place after so many years.

Maidens Beach


Lovely day for a walk along the beach in Maidens on the south west coast of Scotland. Living in Glasgow, I miss the sounds and smells of the sea, not to mention the view.

Arran and Goatfell

Some pictures from a recent trip to the Isle of Arran off the West Coast of Scotland. We spent a couple of days on the Island, near my home town of Prestwick. Despite it being so close to where I grew up this was the first time I had properly climbed Goatfell, the highest peak on the Island. Admittedly, we got a little lost (twice) but eventually made it to the summit of North Goatfell. We were a bit late to climb the extra 100 metres to Goatfell proper, but as it turned out the delays meant we were at the summit only an hour or two before sunset, so were treated to a beautiful view.

This picture was taken from roughly 2,500 ft above sea level, looking North West. The ridge in the foreground is The Saddle. In the distance is Argyle, and on the right you can just see the Isle of Bute. I’m not great at reading maps, but as far as I can tell the mountain ridge in the very far distance about a third in from the right is the start of the mountain range at Glencoe.

The Saddle

Another shot of the top of The Saddle ridge with the sunset, looking slightly more west than the previous picture. We were very lucky to get this view I think, and we couldn’t hang about for long as we didn’t fancy doing the two hour trek down the mountain in the dark (probably more given that we’re amateurs at this).

Mountain tops sunset

And finally, the ascent to Goatfell from the path that leads up to the summit from the village of Corrie. On the left is Goatfell itself, and on the right is North Goatfell with the path leading up to it, where the previous two pictures were taken.