Slow Worm 

This is a Slow Worm – which is neither a snake or a worm… 

It’s actually a type of legless lizard common to the British Isles. A friend and I found this little fella – it is apparently a male by its markings – on the way back down Ben Lomond a couple of Sundays ago. We originally thought we’d found an Adder, but some Googling put us right. 

He’s a wee cracker, and was quite happy to pose for some pictures before slithering away under a rock (not that slowly, either).

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Clovers by the waterfall

Leaves W


Another natuer shot from Cadross, Dunbartonshire. Me and my friend were wandering around the grounds of the abandoned St Peter’s Seminary when we cam across a beautiful little waterfall and these clovers. None with four leaves unfortunately, so no extra luck this time!