Bowled out

Bowled Out 2 khpMe and a friend stumbled across an old disused bowling green while exploring another site. The site we were there to explore was an old factory and office complex and we didn’t expect to find something like this, but it makes an interesting scene.

There were lots of lockers with matching keys, but we didn’t have time to check them out since we had to run for a train. Nonetheless I think we’ll be going back as we didn’t get all the time we wanted in the other site (pictures to come).

Loch Ard and Ben Lomond

Snow Boat Colour KHP


After deciding it probably wasn’t a good idea to climb another mountain because of the snow, we took a trip up to Loch Ard in The Trossachs. In the distance is Ben Lomond, which I’m hoping to climb soon, although I think I’ll need to get myself some crampons, an ice axe and some training on how to use them.

After you…

Nursing Home Stairs W

One of my friend and colleagues recently discovered an abandoned nursing home close to our place of work, so we managed to take an afternoon to explore it for a while. There was some truly beautiful architecture, including stain glass windows in many parts of the building and several sets of staircases with ornate bannisters. The building was huge, so I think it’ll need a second exploration at some point…


Cathkin Brae

Cathkin Brae Sunset W

Breaking the ‘rules’ a little bit here, but I quite like this pic anyway! This is late evening at Cathkin Brae on the south eastern edge of Glasgow, with the Big Wood (best name for a wood ever) in the middle ground and the sun setting behind it, spreading its light all over the grass fields that flow all the way down to East Kilbride. Lovely.