Photographer, Health & Social Care Worker, Social Researcher, Volunteer Welfare Rights Adviser and part-time ranter and doodler. Owner of one very cute cat, Orwell.

You can find more pictures at my dystopiak blog.

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  1. Great blog / photos! Will follow if I can ever find the wordpress follow button! Look forward to seeing more in the future. Of course feel free to check out my site as well. Best,

    1. Unfortunately there isn’t one as it’s a WordPress.org instead of a WordPress.com site, but thanks! Might switch back to my old blog, more sociable!

      1. Yeah. I thought that having a gravatar profile was good across most larger blog platforms. Oh well. I can follow via email. Keep up the good work!

    1. Hello John, indeed it has been too long! I’ve been trying to sort out some issues with moving between my old WordPress blog and my WordPress.org hosted site. I’m getting there with it! Great to speak again, I’m trying to get back into posting as much as possible on top of everything else so hopefully I wont be disappearing again anytime soon!

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