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Vote Remain: The Scottish Case for Remaining in the EU — John Beattie This blog will focus on the arguments for remaining in the European Union (EU) from the perspective of the ‘The Wee BLEU Book: The Facts About Scotland in Europe’ by Scottish MEP’s Alyn Smith and Ian Hudghton. Listen to the ScotTALK podcast featuring an interview with Chris Stephens MP (SNP) about why he thinks […]

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British free market economics in colonial India

From Tristram Hunt’s Ten Cities that Made and Empire: “under pressure from the Indian Viceroy and Governor-general Lord Lytton to minimise any expenditure on famine in the Bombay Presidency, Temple defended the free market, blocked government intervention and pit starving Indians to work on physically demanding public works projects. Infamously, his rigid utilitarianism allocated the […]

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Going through old photographs

I was going through some old photographs and found this old shot from climbing Goatfell on the Isle of Arran a few years back. Didn’t like it so much at the the time but my tastes have obviously changed. If you’ve ever climbed Goatfell on a hot day I’m sure you’ve refilled a water bottle or […]

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Someone’s childhood?

Spotted this while walking through an old neighbourhood I used to live in, Govanhill if any of you know Glasgow. It struck me that pushed into that corner the old arcade game and the sweetie machine (gumball machine if you’re North American?) are like a little frozen moment in time, which is basically what photographs […]

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Will Brazil be next to reform drug policy?

Photo credit: Tomaz Silva / Agencia Brasil Brazil looks set to be the next country to decriminalise possession of small amounts of drugs for recreational use. Brazil is one of several Latin American countries to consider steps towards a more progressive approach to drug use. For Brazil the emphasis on the ‘victimless’ nature of drug […]

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Glasgow skyline

As part of Glasgow Doors Open Day many buildings in the city let the public access areas which are usually off limits. I booked my friend and I on a tour of the City of Glasgow College building (formerly Glasgow College of Building and Printing) which basically just comprised half an hour on the roof. […]