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Someone’s childhood?

Spotted this while walking through an old neighbourhood I used to live in, Govanhill if any of you know Glasgow. It struck me that pushed into that corner the old arcade game and the sweetie machine (gumball machine if you’re North American?) are like a little frozen moment in time, which is basically what photographs […]

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Will Brazil be next to reform drug policy?

Photo credit: Tomaz Silva / Agencia Brasil Brazil looks set to be the next country to decriminalise possession of small amounts of drugs for recreational use. Brazil is one of several Latin American countries to consider steps towards a more progressive approach to drug use. For Brazil the emphasis on the ‘victimless’ nature of drug […]

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Glasgow skyline

As part of Glasgow Doors Open Day many buildings in the city let the public access areas which are usually off limits. I booked my friend and I on a tour of the City of Glasgow College building (formerly Glasgow College of Building and Printing) which basically just comprised half an hour on the roof. […]

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Heroin-related deaths increase – reform could save lives

Heroin-related deaths in England and Wales continue to rise. Punitive drug policy facilitates an illicit market which allows fluctuations in purity as well as adulteration. Prosecution and stigmatisation only create barriers to treatment and worsen the situation. Our current drug laws lead directly to the death of someone’s brother, sister, mother, father or friend. Check […]

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Quiet as a Mouse

This is my favourite from a recent band shoot in Glasgow city centre. The weather was predictably rubbish so lighting and general conditions weren’t great, but I liked the light in this one and couldn’t help but go for the mono conversion. The band are Quiet as a Mouse and you can check them out […]

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Drug policy is determined by politics, not evidence

Drug prohibition isn’t about reducing harm, and it never has been.  History has shown that drug policy is very rarely about preventing harm and more often concerned with issues of race, profit, morality and politics. Recently the Home Secretary of the UK, Theresa May, has been under fire from Drugs Minister Norman Baker, as well […]

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Quoted in The National – Police NPS initiative

I was recently quoted in the Scottish newspaper The National in an article focused on Police Scotland’s new initiative to discourage NPS (novel psychoactive substance, ‘legal highs’ or ‘research chemicals’) use among Scotland’s youth. the initiative consists of an anti-drug education video, echoing decades of a similar anti-drugs approach geared towards youth. this approach has […]

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Home Office International Drug Policy Conference 2015

Is the UK Government finally changing it’s approach to drug policy in the run up to UNGASS 2016?  SSDP UK’s Katie Anderson and Kieran Hamilton were recently invited to attend the Home Affairs Select Committee International Drugs Conference in Cambridge, where the Committee discussed the findings of the recent Home Office report Drugs: International Comparators in the wider […]