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Cuts to Scottish Welfare Fund – A hint of things to come? 

The Scottish Welfare Fund is a discretionary payment allocated by local authorities and funded in part through the UK Department for Work and Pensions and topped up by the Scottish Government. This is because the DWP transfers the funding for the scrapped Community Care Grant and Crisis Loan, both of which the DWP used to administer, to […]

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Pubs and alleyways

I’ve been meaning to post this for ages… I’m trying to get more pictures with people in them, as apparently never having any people in your pictures (deliberately) makes you seem like a bit of a sociopath (no offence to sociopaths), This is – and I’m sure many people will recognise it – the lane […]

DPAC [Disabled people against cuts] protesting PIP assessments - which share many of the same issues with ESA - in Norfolk, July 2016. Image credit: Roger blackwell Read more

The ESA assessment: Institutional classism in action

New research this week, conducted by RadStats and reported by Welfare Weekly and the Guardian, indicates that the ESA Capability for Work Assessment is unfairly applied based on the area an individual lives in – and potentially their level of educational attainment – not their health or their actual capability for work: “[T]he research has […]

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Brainstorming is dead, long live brainwriting! 

If you’re a bit of an introvert like me, you’ve probably grudgingly taken part in some form of groupwork brainstorming-type session at some point, while thinking to yourself “I’d be better doing this alone”. And, well, you’d actually have been right to think that. A recent article based on research into brainstorming techniques states that: […]

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Ride the spiral to the end…

These photos are from my trip to the Lighthouse last week, and show the modern spiral staircase in the Macintosh-designed water tower, currently open to the public as part of of the Macintosh Interpretation Centre exhibition. the water tower was originally designed as part of the Herald Newspaper building, which was the reason for the […]

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The Lighthouse – where the gallery is the art

I’m one of these weirdos that goes to art galleries and takes just as much interest in the gallery itself – the architecture, its history,  – as the exhibitions themselves. The Lighthouse, situated in Glasgow’s Mitchell Lane (and by ‘situated’ I actually mean quite well hidden), adjoins the former Herald Building designed by the famous […]

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Why is Theresa May our Prime Minister?

Image credit: Simon Ellinas The past few weeks in British politics have been interesting to say the least. As someone who opposes almost everything the modern Tory Party stands for, and who desperately wanted to remain a member of the EU I thought the vote to Leave would be about as low as its going to […]